i think my favorite type of non-americans-being-surprised-by-american-life is when you guys are like “wait… i know it’s like this in all the american movies but i thought they were just fucking with us!”

My Brazilian friend Alvaro was surprised by Girl Scout Cookie season. “You mean you really have little girls selling boxes of cookies?? I thought that was just in the movies!” Hell yeah we do. Thin Mints changed his life.

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Kelsey Garrity Riley
31 Aug 14 at 6 pm

🍻 (at Imperium Food & Wine)

🍻 (at Imperium Food & Wine)

30 Aug 14 at 7 pm

Incredible. #nofilter #stripes (at Disney’s Hollywood Studios)

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Incredible. #nofilter #stripes  (at Disney’s Hollywood Studios)
29 Aug 14 at 10 pm


Pocahontas aesthetic.